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comment Are handwrappings used only together with boxing gloves?
Its probably because boxers and mixed martial artists spend a lot of time ACTUALLY HITTING PEOPLE in the head, unlike "traditionalists". The tape is there not to prevent skin lacerations on the knuckles, but to stop wrist fractures from punches that hit the head with the ring/pinkie knuckles instead of the pointer/index.
comment Who is a person, Martial Art, who broke his hand when he tried to break the Tiles?
Oh come on now. A hand break that requires "bed rest for around 6 months"? You could amputate your hand and not require more than a couple days of bed rest, this story makes no sense. Stop falling for mystical, pseudo-science faerie tales.
comment What are good solutions for MMA training with half long hair?
Grow it longer and use it as a distraction, like Guida and Bendo.
comment How does a non-grappler train to be ready to avoid grappling in a real-world situation?
As far as Tyson goes, there's no reason to believe that 1993 Tyson, with ZERO grappling training, would fare any better than 2010 James Toney, who had great training partners and months of takedown defense training, and yet was effortlessly taken down and subbed by an over-the-hill Couture.
comment How does a non-grappler train to be ready to avoid grappling in a real-world situation?
"The Gracies never fought any other top Kickboxer..." What about Gordeau? He was the "1991 World Champion Savate and holder of the Dutch Champion Kyokushin Karate title" and Royce beat him pretty handily in '93. Rickson in particular smashed everyone put in front of him. Its very strange that 20 years later, everyone is pretending that BJJ didn't absolutely destroy the illusion of stand-up-only fighting supremacy.
comment Video of a person doing Qigong where somehow many others cannot lift him easily?
" then Einstein theories needs to be modified " (facepalm)
comment Can I be bulky and fast at the same time?
"Any sprinter will out sprint any bulky person." - Come on now, you can't state absolutes like that and expect to be taken seriously. Bo Jackson ran the fastest 40-yard dash EVER RECORDED (4.12 seconds) and he was over 200lbs at the time. If you take Usain Bolt's record 100M run (9.63 seconds) and scale it down to a 40 yard dash, he'd clock in at about 3.97 seconds, only about 1/7th of a second ahead of Jackson, and most pro's don't even think a sub-4.0 40yd dash is even humanly possible anyway.
comment Can I be bulky and fast at the same time?
"The more volume you have the more mass you have and thus the slower you are." Preposterous. Bulky NFL linemen can out-sprint most people who aren't accustomed to sprinting. A 1-ton bull can leap and rotate in the air. All it requires is sufficient muscle to move that mass at the desired velocity. Strong = fast (for that specific muscle group).
comment Straight punch to the head and knockout
This is unlikely, as the forehead is one of the hardest parts of the skull, and is designed to absorb impact. The forehead itself becomes a weapon when you are talking about headbutts, so the idea that it is the best place to strike is a little unlikely.
comment When did fake pro wrestling become so popular in the US?
Early MMA fighters Tank Abott and Dan Severn both also transitioned to WCW wrestling to chase the money Shamrock was making. Furthermore, one of the BEST MMA guys of the last decade was a pro-wrestler first: Kasushi Sakuraba.
comment How to build up endurance when rolling?
I literally could not believe how gassed I was after 1 or 2 rolls when I started BJJ too. I don't think there's really any regular exercise the average person does at the gym or on team sports that prepares them for the type of strain you put on your cardio during grappling.