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comment Does training in gi help to prepare for a no gi competition?
Was it this article?
comment What's the difference between gi and no-gi Brazilian Jiujitsu?
Also in most competitions you are allowed to grab onto your own clothes in no-gi. Just for completeness sake, as this can be helpful in certain spots.
comment What exercises help with explosive hip rotation
Can you rule out, that your technique isn't hindering your ability to generate power with your hips? I feel that with the right technique you should be able to generate a lot of power out of your hips, even if your muscles were underdeveloped.
comment What choke holds or submissions are safe enough for a beginner to practice?
Are you talking about risk in terms of injuries or in terms of losing position and getting submitted yourself? Also, if you are only 7 weeks in, I wouldn't worry too much about learning all the different submissions, your instructor will show you these techniques soon enough. Try to concentrate on positioning for the first few months, submission will then come a lot easier with time.
comment How easy or hard is it for a combat sport champion to defeat a much stronger man?
Another great Example is Kaoklai Kaennorsing who at ~170lbs competed in the K-1 Grand Prix multiple times, which is an openweight tournament, and defeated opponents up to 100lbs heavier than he was. If at the highest levels such feats are possible, that should definitely answer how a well trained fighter might fare against an untrained albeit more physical individual.
comment What are the possible signs some has lost consciousness when being choked?
@Lex. Not Necessarily. Some chokes can be rather sneaky whereas others feel much tighter than they really are. I think it's important to really get to know when a choke works and when it doesn't. Ideally you shouldn't get choked out, so as a beginner tap early and often. But it's also important to only tap to correct technique, otherwise your training partners will incorporate bad habits and have false confidence, which can backfire in competitions.