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I am a computer geek; Always have been and always will be. I started from working with digital media to web programming and am moving on to systems programming while I pay my bills with multimedia and web development:


  • Studio Multitrack Audio Recording
  • Electronic Music Composition Working
  • with MP3 technology when still in
  • Alpha Studio Live Video Recording
  • Videography Video Post Production 3D
  • CGI, Compositing and Special Effects
  • 2D Image Content Creation with Adobe and Macromedia Suites

WWW and Internet

  • Early WWW Page Design in HTML1-4, and now XHTML1, CSS1-3, and new HTML5
  • Building Kiosks with Macromedia Projectors
  • Building Web-Based Macromedia Projectors
  • Systems Design and Management
  • WinNT4 Web Server Management
  • Linux-Based Colocated Server Administration
  • Full Security Audits on Suspected Intruded Servers
  • Network and Telco Troubleshooting of DIP and ADSL Hardware
  • Software Development
  • Initial Explorations in Perl, Bash, PHP, C, C++, and Java
  • Further Development of Knowledge of PHP4 and now PHP5
  • Various Working Implementations of Creating Templates for PHP Smarty-based Templating Systems: CMS's, Shopping Carts, etc.
  • Further Understanding of JQuery, MooTools, and Scriptaculous JavaScript Frameworks
  • Production-level Development Projects in ASP.NET C# Using Databases. Now Looking Further Into ASP MVC Model, Deeper JQuery study
  • Deeper Study into Adobe's ActionScript 3-4 for Flash and Flex Business-class Web and Desktop Applications.

Systems Programming

  • Initial Study on Working With Neural Networks for AI-driven Business Systems
  • "Big Data" systems design, analysis, and programming involved therein

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