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Been a TCMA (Traditional Chinese Martial Art) practitioner for 30+ years. Started early, had a break in between and resumed about a decade ago. My art is known as (southern) Shaolin 5 Ancestors. It consist of 5 styles: Monkey, Crane, Da'mo, Luohan, TaiZu amalgamated into 1. Because of this, it has great width (range of technique: hard, soft, fast slow, long-range, close-quarter, etc..) and depth (starts with external, with a lot of arm leg hardening/conditioning, progressing to internals...). Its definitely not easy to master, but certainly challenging and intellectually stimulating and keeps me interested. Its not a common art, although there are pockets in US, Europe, Australia, NZ and Asia. Our lineage, the Chee Kim Thong 5 Ancestors lineage, is even smaller.

Right now the philosophical and internals aspect of the art are keeping me fascinated and exploring further.

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