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Electrical Engineer with experience in microprocessor hardware design, ASM, PL/M, C/C++, C#, Android, Linux, Python, and Java. First high school radio design burst into flames during the demo. First software program was FORTRAN on punch cards. Worked in FL, IL, ND, NJ, TX, VA, and WA.

comment When should I run away?
You may want to do as you are told but I wouldn't recommend begging for mercy. That can trigger a violent response from a naturally violent person.
comment What are the classical/canonical books for Aikido (all styles)
Your links are broken
comment What do I need to keep in mind when picking a martial art as a bouncer?
Aikido strikes are not intended as strikes but a method to get the uke to move in a way that aids the technique. There is no intent to actually strike the uke.