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CTO and Co-founder of mobile messaging startup touchgr.am.

Graduate at the Founder Institute, from the 2014 semester in Perth Western Australia.

Occasional freelance multi-platform software developer currently busy on iOS Lingopal.

Author of "Getting Started with LevelDB" from Packt.

  • non-computing interests:
    • Chow Gar Kung Fu and Yang-style Tai Chi,
    • reading and (so-far unpublished) writing SF
    • snow skiing
    • scuba diving,
    • solar housing,
    • carpentry
  • computing interests:
    • Functional programming and tools
    • OOD, OO languages and frameworks
    • Usability,
    • cross-platform development,
    • code generation

comment What is Jason Bourne's fighting style called
I read the first three books years ago. I don't remember any reference to a particular style and the movies differ strongly from the books (disappointingly so in my opinion, good action movies but would still have like to see the original book stories).
comment How do you take Notes on techniques you've learnt in class?
@Ephraim - notes are reminders for things you need to focus on. They are "what you are doing" reminders, not a theory body for someone else to read.
comment How do you take Notes on techniques you've learnt in class?
I can't remember chunks of many of my 16 forms without starting from a few "waypoints" within the forms. So +1 for connecting dots!
comment Injury during training session, after 2 months still feel the pain
Physiotherapist - most times doctors will give you a pill if that. Unless they are sports specialists, they don't understand and can't tell you how to make an injury better.
comment Good exercises for higher side kicks?
+1 for the abs recommendation
comment Best weight lifting exercise to develop a Wing Chun chain punch
I have a TotalGym 1000 cable bench, which I bought because I saw Chuck Norris advertising it (many years ago and yes I still blush about buying from an infomercial). One of the advantages of the bench is that depending on your posture, you can have the cable pull back in line with pretty much any strike.
comment How do I keep the bo staff from moving off centre as I train in twirling it?
Are you actually disconnecting your grip? Our "twirling" moves the staff in a figure-8.