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comment Why doesn't aikido have kicking techniques?
Well, there are different styles so saying "aikido has no attacks" is not correct in general. For example, the way I was taught atemi should be a real strike in order to either force the opponent to defend and thus lose the balance and enable your technique, or if he fails to defend - well, he gets punched in the face, that works too :) after that, his balance probably won't be that good either. Of course, compared to strike-oriented disciplines aikido gives much less attention to strikes, but that does not mean no attacks at all.
comment Rule 1: Cardio. What exercises are worth doing to increase cardiovascular fitness?
+1 to that, I've started doing CrossFit in parallel with my Aikido training and it helps me a lot.
comment How can I improve my teaching of ukemi or break falling?
I don't know, I am just starting with high falls and while I can do some of them, the feeling of impact is pretty real. It's not an injury but still unpleasant enough for me to not want to repeat it too often, especially if I'm doing it wrong (which, as a beginner, happens from time to time). I can overcome this reluctance, and do so, but suggestion that it is purely "in my head" and some trick can remove it doesn't really sound plausible to me. Maybe I'm missing the point here.