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comment If I'm worried about concussions, should I train tae kwon do, or karate, or neither?
I've done WTF taekwondo for about 8 years, including about 4 years of full contact sparring and national competition on a handful of occasions. I've never been knocked out. My friends who play basketball and soccer have both been knocked unconscious, multiple times in the space of a few years. Not to mention broken noses and teeth, which I have also completely avoided.
comment If I'm worried about concussions, should I train tae kwon do, or karate, or neither?
You don't need to do full contact sparring in WTF taekwondo.
comment Is it true that most fights end on the ground? What is the evidence?
Really, any evidence we can get our hands on would be illuminating. In the answer, it gives us a study of security camera footage and breaks down the number of fights which "go to the ground." This might not be robust enough to generalise to all the situations we might face, but it's still useful evidence.
comment What can one do to avoid entering a grappling situation?
I think this is a good question in some ways, and @Trevoke has tried to limit the range of answers by providing some assumptions. A lot of people here are behaving as though the question is impossible to answer. It's not. The question is simply, "what can I do to avoid a grappling situation, especially a rear choke?" Seeing as this is something any grappler would be doing all the time in sparring, I don't see why it can't be relatively straightforwardly answered. Even if the best answer is "get them in a rear choke first."
comment Why do taekwondoists bounce so much? (And how do we help them stop?)
I don't see that this necessarily has anything to do with being "bouncy" or your style of footwork. Do you mean that they struggle to throw other people, or are more susceptible to being thrown? In the former, lowering your center of gravity is essential, no matter how bouncy or non-bouncy you are during sparring. This is most likely just due to the fact these particular individuals don't have much experience throwing.
comment What martial arts cultural remedies are there to avoid and relieve soreness?
I can say we do this at my Taekwondo club. Conditioning by being kicked and pushups on the knuckles in particular.