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comment What's the difference between Internal and External martial arts?
Yea I'd agree, answer is pretty good in my opinion. I'd also completely agree with the spectrum comment.
comment Are there legal ramifications to being a trained martial artist?
Very good answer. I have not seen, in any jurisdiction, where black belts or martial artists have to register themselves as lethal weapons. But in a trial your training will come into question and because of your training you should have been able to control yourself, which could lead to a stiffer penalty or sentence.
comment What's the most effective way to discipline students (particularly juniors)?
Some kids get a rise making other in the class to push ups, and/or like showing off when they do them alone as punishment. I think tacone's answer is bang on, but if punishment is needed have them sit out for blocks of time.
comment Do all schools of BJJ come from the same root?
I've studied in RCJ Machado BJJ which branched from Carlos Gracie's Jiu-jitsu school. So the Machado BJJ also follows the Mitsuyo Maeda line. I don't know if any BJJ schools out that that teach BJJ that can't trace their linage back to Mitsuyo Maeda.