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Have learned a bit of various martial arts (Judo, Shotokan and Shukokai Karate and Kuk Sool Won) but now mostly live vicariously through my kids who are 3rd and 5th kup Tae-Kwondo practitioners.

I'll never be competitive, but I enjoy martial arts for their discipline, fitness and self control.

I look after the Broxburn Tae-Kwondo website for Miss Redmond (IV degree) which includes some excellent pattern videos (not by me, I hasten to add - I just held the camera!)

comment When did fake pro wrestling become so popular in the US?
In the UK we had people like Kendo Nagasaki, Sasuke, The Midnight Rider and many others. Back in the 1800's in Paris there was 'The Masked Wrestler' It's been around for ages. Not just in the US.
comment What martial arts cultural remedies are there to avoid and relieve soreness?
Astonishing what Eddie managed to do, considering he had never run a marathon before. I am in awe of that achievement.
comment Why are firearms not part of the martial arts world?
And for countries such as the UK - it isn't going to happen. We have to visit the US when we want to play with guns :-)
comment Is Static Stretching Before Practice Beneficial, Harmful, or Something In-between?
Anecdotally - every gym /dojo I have ever trained in works with light cardio first, then stretching before getting onto the serious business of training.
comment What are the philosophical differences between the TKD Kwan?
Have a look at the answers on my question or not entirely unrelated info: martialarts.stackexchange.com/q/56/57
comment Value in Practicing Spinning Kicks
They do put a huge focus on that 'sine wave' body movement, yes. Very ITF specific, I think. That guy won patterns in Scotland and the UK for a number of years.
comment Value in Practicing Spinning Kicks
Awesome bout @BobCross - thanks for the link. Will have to show it to my kids. As an aside - did you see the pattern videos I popped up on our local TKD website? tkdbroxburn.co.uk/patterns.html (that isn't me in the videos, by the way :-)
comment What benefits (if any) are there when listening to music while practicing? And does it depend on the style?
this effectively looks to be a dupe of martialarts.stackexchange.com/q/425/57
comment What is a good age to introduce children to a martial art?
(side topic - my daughter, at 4 years old, on the podium winning a gold after beating all the boys in a county competition, had the biggest grin I have ever seen. Kids love competition.)
comment I have very little toe flexibility - are there other front kicks I can use?
Sadly, no - have tried many things over the years. The problem is the bones just don't allow my toes to move up or down more than a couple of millimetres. Not sure whether it was caused by all the running I did when younger - can't remember what they were like before that.