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C# developer, pretty standard stuff. SOLID and other such principles drive everything I do for the most part. Other than that, polyglot lover of functional programming in Haskell, F#, Erlang, and javascript. Player of each, master of none.

  • Monads are like buckets, that's what they say anyway.
  • Monoids are easy! I guess?
  • Comonads are just objects... however that works O_o
  • Cartography has nothing to do with these things.


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comment How bad is kickboxing for your brain?
To note, I had seen stars fighting maybe 3 times in my life before that night (and none sense), so it doesn't take a lot of dings to do the job, difference was each of the previous times I had someone there who told me I was done for 2 weeks.
comment How bad is kickboxing for your brain?
Yes this, a million times this; moreover, as I unfortunately learned YOU MUST TRUST THOSE AROUND YOU TO STOP THE FIGHT FOR YOU. I was in the unfortunate situation of seeing stars sparring a few years ago, and while I know this means stop immediately, my brain had forgot and said I was fine when asked. My memory's not been all the same since the 3rd time I saw stars that night, I couldn't sleep for a week.