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I do have some exposure to few protocols, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, NCP. I do like the xmpp protocol though its nothing to do with my work. I did try writing a prototype for syncing openldap entries using xmpp. The biggest mistake was not pushing the code to some public repo. When I realized my mistake I pushed my next pet project lmc (Ldap Midnight commander) to gitorius. I am not a naive at kerberos. I have been mostly a C programmer and recently getting some exposure to java spring, hibernate. I love emacs. There was a day I had everything inside emacs. Mail (Gnus, currently - offlineimap, msmtp, mairix, muttng, imapfilter), irc (erc), gtalk (jabber through bitlBee), player (emms), code (cscope, etags, flymake), browsing (Conkeror - IMO w3m is not good for regular browsing) and later felt the unnecessarity of a regular window manager and moved to emacs like WM (ratpoison). After a month I think the feeling of oddness with the surrounding made me move away. I like to craft code. When I see my code after a while and felt how badly i have written this piece, I wont feel sad instead I feel good that I have made some progress in the meanwhile. Thats being said I do make mistakes and I am not always right.