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Dan rank and extensive experience as an instructor in WTF Taekwondo and also in more traditional Moo Duk Kwan/Tang Soo Do.

Currently primarily training in Hapkido (a few years experience) and Krav Maga.

Have also dabbled in BJJ, Iaido, Judo.

comment how realistic is martial arts portrayed in the movie Old Boy?
I'm not sure that your link listing a handful of examples from history (many not independently corroborated, and almost all involving sniper rifles, machine guns, or armored vehicles) qualifies as making it "plausible." Maybe "just barely possible". But it's not indicative of what you could ever expect from any kind of martial arts training, or from any real fight.
comment Why do we do ukemi aka break falls?
+1 Some martial arts teach techniques that only help if you are in a fight. Knowing how to fall and roll safely can help you when you play other sports, or just walking down the street. Everybody falls sooner or later; people trained in breakfalls can often avoid serious injury.
comment What does it take to get a black belt in Taekwondo?
This can differ so much from school to school, and within substyles of TKD. If you've been practicing for 2-3 months (presumably with an instructor / at a school), why not just ask your instructor? There's no telling how applicable, or not, replies you get here will be for your school.
comment How do you take Notes on techniques you've learnt in class?
You can learn "in practice", but a technique might have a specific tricky sequence of steps that you tend to forget while first learning it and you want to write it down while fresh in your mind so you can go over it again (mentally or for real) before the next class. Or your school may have a bunch of specific named or numbered techniques, and while you may execute them just fine you have trouble keeping the numbering or nomenclature straight and want to go over it every day until you have it down.
comment Can I start martial arts after a minor disc herniation?
The thing with early 20's is that people of that age are stupid and inexperienced. When things hurt, they don't take it easy or seek the right medical attention, instead they try to push through as if they were indestructible and make it worse. In my case, I felt the pain in my leg, self-treated it as a pulled hamstring (and thus doing activities that actually made it worse). When I finally went to a doctor, they said "I can tell from the way you're standing that the problem is your back, not your leg." Dumb kid.