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I have been training for the last 20+ years in a Okinawan derived style called Bushin Ryu.

In that time I've also dabbled in some other arts and had the good fortune to train under some excellent people.

comment Doing MMA or a doing a SIngle martial art . which is more effective?
Please don't highlight random keywords. You also need to focus your question more - we prefer not to have open ended recommendation type questions.
comment Is it advisable to try to catch a low kick to the thigh in Muay Thai?
Thanks @JuannStrauss. Dave is right - my original answer was written at about 0200 my time and was a bit vague.
comment What material should be covered in a rape-defense course?
Unfortunately you need to concentrate on the defense not the avoidance - in a vast majority of cases avoidance is not an option because the victim has been "selected" or targeted. While I agree that some techniques are a waste of time of just ineffective, you must teach them something other than just avoidance.
comment Training martial arts in china
I have removed the links you left as they did not add any value to the question, and this is not a place for collecting links to offsite resources.
comment How to defend yourself when you are outclassed?
@km That's good to hear - it's not as bad as the second option. You should do some training yourself, then once you have some background you could ask questions on how to best handle specific situations or moves.
comment How can I become a good training partner
By request I've cleaned out some comments as the answer has been edited to remove the contested bullet point (which wasn't pivotal to the answer anyway).
comment How to avoid aggravating a sprain while training in MMA?
Your question is too broad and too medically focused in its current state. As mentioned here we give training advice, not medical advice. For example your question would be better if it asked how to avoid aggravating that specific injury while training in your specific art. Treatment and what-might-happen are both off topic.
comment What are good martial arts for aging bodies?
This is an excellent answer. The OP shouldn't need to switch arts, he simply needs to adapt what he already does - and this is what was traditionally done. The reality is that there is a high probability that he will never need a flying side kick in real life - so while it's good to know how to do one and be able to do it if you really need it, the better solution is for the OP to adapt and refine the other techniques he already knows to accommodate his changing physiology.
comment Can Karate/Hand Chops be lethal?
The clavicle is anchored at the top of the rib cage/sternum, it's on the periphery of the neck but I would hesitate to say it's part of the neck. It can be dislocated, but that's more from whiplash type movement - if you hit someone in the neck hard enough to achieve this then you've probably near killed them.
comment Can Karate/Hand Chops be lethal?
Due to its location and anchor points I consider it highly unlikely that a throat chop will break the clavicle - it is more likely to dislodge or dislocate it - this would most likely be due to whiplash rather than the direct impact. A blow to the middle of the clavicle will break it (and it doesn't take much force).
comment Best to learn for self defense: Wrestling, Boxing, or Jiu Jitsu
If you must choose only one of the three then look at jujitsu. Otherwise... why not do all three until you get proficient?
comment Practical knife defense stance
The "prison shank" video shows exactly why the krav maga instructor linked to in the question will be going home without a few internal organs.
comment Utility of pre planned moves
An "intelligent opponent" is a bit of a red herring. It does take some practice to go from practicing kata against thin air to being able to apply it to a real person, that's part of the "many years" I mentioned above. Also while practicing kata you should be visualising what you are doing to the opponent. It takes years and practice, practice, practice... but if you are taught properly then it can be achieved quicker (the shame of it is that many people in more commercial schools can go a lifetime without learning any of this).
comment is Jun Chong TKD a legitimate TKD dojo for self defense?
Guys, please do not carry on extended conversations in the comments. Either extend the question and/or answer, or take it to a chatroom. Thanks :) Note that I will be tidying these comments up at a later date.
comment Muay Thai or Krav Maga?
Having said that, why don't you try both at the same time (train each one once or twice a week) and then make a decision once you've got a bit of experience in each? Neither are similar to Kali, although Krav Maga may teach you some weapon skills.
comment Muay Thai or Krav Maga?
Hi and welcome to the site. Questions like "Which should I choose...?" are not particularly good as it solicits answers that are primarily opinion based. And it's also good to avoid very broad questions like "What are the differences between art A and art B?".
comment How many days per week shoud I train BJJ?
When training this hard recovery is every bit as important as training.
comment Underwater Rear Naked Choke
+1 for mention of the pinch of triceps skin - make sure you pinch only a small amount of skin because it is actually more painful than doing a large amount. This is also a great self defence move for women - easy to apply and gives you that small amount of time you need to get out of a hold. Done properly it also leaves a massive bruise so you can tell who you had to pinch :)
comment How do I increase flexibility to achieve a full split?
Just to nitpick your health habits point: I never had any stretching issues resulting from drinking beer. And the 2L of water per day is a relatively arbitrary figure that has been widely promoted but is not based on good solid science (it's also promoted as "8 glasses a day") - it varies a lot per person.
comment How do I increase endurance levels to cope with Muay Thai demands?
I'm also a cyclist and would endorse it as an excellent low impact way of building aerobic capacity (doing sprints and incline work). Also agree on the ab work - in fact they are so important you can't emphasize that enough. @DaveLiepmann is also right with the limited range of movement comment - for me it really affected the flexibility of my hamstrings, so stretching is very important if cycling is going to be used.