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Computer geek and photo enthusiast, currently work as an integration architect. I hold a BSc and BSc Honours degrees in computer science from the University of South Africa. I am interested in mobile, web, large-scale systems, and computing in general.

comment Are martial arts suitable for a busy, IT professional?
I fully agree with Jonathan's comments, just pick a good school and try it out. I returned to martial arts after a long break at age 25, relatively unfit after I got bored with gym. After a long day at the office there is nothing more relaxing than forgetting about the outside world for an hour or two and sweating the stress out of my system. If you happen to click with a particular style the fitness and mental benefits will follow naturally. You absolutely do not have to aim to be a great fighter to do it.
comment Should I train differently to spar guys who are bigger than me?
Second that, if you're shorter than your opponent you should move closer and trap him/her in as far as possible. Otherwise he or she will use their reach advantage and you won't be able to do much about that.
comment What is a good push-up routine to build punch strength?
+1 for physics :-) (and another +1 deserved for mentioning clapping pushups)