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I'm a computer scientist, currently doing a lot of work in the asset tracking field. I do plenty of application design, lots of programming and system administration for a living. I'm not a particular expert in a field but I do go deep into a subject/problem which is probably my only specialty ;-)

comment What do I need to keep in mind when picking a martial art as a bouncer?
Aikido strikes are absolutely meant as a strike, only in dojo's it's performed in many cases without the intent to strike the opponent. Kicks same thing. Don't confuse the true form with what is being teached in many places. Take a look at 'real aikido' on youtube, it's balkan-style, very hard. But I aggree it takes probably double the amount of time to master vs no-nonsense straight up attacking arts like Karate, kick-boxing etc. Remember, true aikido has plenty in commong with JJ and comes from a guy that killed many people in his life while discovering the path of peace. 'O Sensei