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comment Is there a US-based organization supporting Iaijutsu?
On iaido vs. iaijutsu -- if you're counting Eishin Ryu as iaijutsu, then I wouldn't write off starting your search among iaido schools. Generally what I've found is that the AUSKF-affiliated iaido instructors will start off with ZNKR ("seitei") iaido and move on to a more traditional school such as Eishin Ryu as you get more advanced. And even seitei iai will teach you a lot about working with a real sword.
comment Ju-jutsu vs Jiu-jitsu?
+1, with the caveat that the Nihon-Shiki and Kunrei-Shiki systems aren't "closer to the Japanese pronunciation", just more consistent. Hepburn is much closer to the Standard Japanese pronunciation, it just doesn't capture the underlying phonological relationships between syllables -- e.g. the T-series written ta/chi/tsu/te/to in Hepburn vs. ta/ti/tu/te/to in NS or KS. (For even more than you ever wanted to know, see the "Palatalization and affrication" section of Wikipedia's Japanese Phonology article.)