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comment Avoiding “Belt Factories”
Thank you. A lot of what you've said alleviates my concerns. She is pretty good at forms but is really struggling with sparring and yet just earned purple (which moves her into an intermediate level) I'm not entirely sure she is truly ready for (strength etc.) but there is a heavy language barrier I struggle with in terms of making my questions clear. Behavior (except occasional chattiness is never a problem).
comment What universal structures or recommendations are in place for TKD advancement for children?
Thank you for the clarifications. The reasons you mention at the bottom of your post are exactly why we are concerned. No one ever fails a test, so it seems sudden to have been given an invite for a test at all. We would rather have her not take the tests and spend more time on the skills and just take the full belt tests when she is really ready to pass because she is ready for the next level.