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I have been a computer geek and martial artist since the age of 8. I quickly tried Judo, then Wado-Ryu Karate up to 2nd kyu and then, after a pause of a few years, I switched to Aikido (10 years now). I quickly trained in Iaido Toho, the Iaido school of Aikido. I also tried Ju Jutsu for one year, which was immensely fun.

comment Is martial arts training 'inadequate' for the real world?
Wow, that's a load of misinformation here. No, adrenalin doesn't trigger freeze, certainly not on everyone. I have personnally experienced how years of training can actually kick in so fast that you sometimes have to stop afterwards and think to gather everything that happened.
comment How should a novice train if unable to join a dojo yet?
Well, I'm not sure lifters make the best material for martial artists. When you practice any martial art I've known, being able to bend in most directions without hurting yourself is more valuable than being able to bench-press any weight. YMMV
comment How can I continue to train with a broken big toe?
With the added following twist: most competition ask that participants be cleared by their doctor. If you injure yourself in a competition when you were instructed by your doctor not to participate, the various insurances that usually cover you (yours, the club's, the competition's) may not pay the much-needed healthcare.
comment How should a novice train if unable to join a dojo yet?
I would insist a bit less on muscle and more on suppleness, but I agree on the main point: alone, you can only prepare yourself for a martial art, not train yourself in one.