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comment Why does Seido Karate only teach weapons training at black belt level?
Is there a reason you don't ask your sensei?
comment Is martial arts training 'inadequate' for the real world?
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun I live in a notoriously rough area near the center of an affluent city. I have a very slim build and walk home alone every night in the dark. Clear target for a mugger or just drunk yobs. I am, however, a security consultant/hacker. So far, I've always managed to defuse the scenarios, without violence, using social engineering and threat management. Plant & reinforce the idea that fighting you is a bad idea and opportunists will retreat.
comment Is martial arts training 'inadequate' for the real world?
+1 "There are always signs that something is about to happen." Every time I've been attacked in the street I've seen it coming based on body language and knowledge of the local culture and behaviours. Fights can be explosive and fast but they're seldom, if ever, spontaneous.