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Top new questions this week:

Ip Man Wing Chun book didn't cover deep breathing

It seems the Ip Man syllabus removed deep breathing for Siu Lim Tao part 1. Anyone has idea why the part is removed? (Google Books link) From this blog entry: This video shows the Ving Tsun (wing ...

tai-chi wing-chun breathing  
asked by little star Score of 2

Why are Hand wraps not made from wicking, dri fit material?

Equipment question: Why are most boxing/muay thai hand wraps 100% cotton? They take so long to dry and remove sweat. Why aren't they made using wicking, dri-fit fabric as you seen now in gym shirts?

boxing equipment muay-thaiappa  
asked by mattsmith5 Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Could a non-Buddhist person become a monk/master at Shao-lin temple?

I heard that Shao-lin is teaching Kung-Fu to foreigners who are non-Buddhist people. By learning Kung-Fu from Shao-lin temple, Could a non-Buddhist person become a master/teacher/monk at Shao-lin ...

kung-fu shaolin  
asked by Michel Score of 11
answered by Steve Weigand Score of 21

Between Kyokushin and Shotokan, which focuses more on hard sparring and less on kata?

I like full contact hard body sparring. I'm not much of a fan of a lot of katas, since I've been through enough of that in TKD. However, I wouldn't mind some kata. I'm also not a fan of karate joint ...

asked by vikash Score of 9
answered by Dave Liepmann Score of 9

Exercises for strengthening arms, wrists and fingers with the intent of sword use

In a previous question I asked whether it is better to start out with a light weapon, and then move on to a heavier one. I got the answer that yes, it's better to start with a lighter one and ...

training weapons self-training sword  
asked by EscalatedQuickly Score of 11
answered by Steve Weigand Score of 11

Should I go to boxing practice while still sore? Is it normal soreness?

I just started boxing. I've been 3 times so far. Great workout! The last time I went was Monday and there is a practice today (Wednesday). So 2 days. I find today that I'm sore. Specifically ...

training boxing soreness  
asked by Dave Score of 4
answered by The Wudang Kid Score of 5

Training multiple arts at the same time.

Is it possible to effectively train in two (or perhaps even more) martial arts/combat sports at the same time? What are ways to minimize concerns like technique and muscle memory confusion? Does it ...

asked by Btuman Score of 8
answered by Anon Score of 5

Could Non Newtonian fluids make better judo mats?

I just had a weird thought... We now have a kind of technology that cushions impacts called non Newtonian fluids. Is there a reason we are not yet making judo mats using these materials? They have ...

judo protective-equipment  
asked by Huw Evans Score of 5

How to fight even when exhausted?

This is especially important to me because my instructor has us wear masks so I tire much more easily. One of my biggest killers in exhaustion. My instructors have this idea that you should be able to ...

self-defense mentality  
asked by Robert Smith Score of 11
answered by Macaco Branco Score of 16
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