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Top new questions this week:

Are there specific martial arts that can help with (or at least not aggravate) sciatica?

My fitness level and flexibility are fairly poor and I would like to find a martial art that is complementary with yoga to help improve my overall physical wellbeing. Are there specific martial arts ...

recommendation flexibility health beginner  
asked by Jenny 5 votes
answered by Steve Weigand 2 votes

What are the advantages/disadvantages of learning a solo martial arts practice online at different levels?

The only martial art I have ever practised is taijiquan, when I lived in Newcastle. The standard of the classes was exceptional and now that I live in a completely different area of the country, I am ...

training recommendation teaching beginner  
asked by Jenny 5 votes
answered by JohnP 3 votes

Why doesn't Muay Thai use the Karate/Taekwondo front snap kick?

Why doesn't Muay Thai incorporate the Karate/TKD Front Snap Kick? Muay Thai instead has a Teep kick with slightly different motion. I understand why Muay Thai has its own roundhouse kick, as its more ...

tae-kwon-do karate kicking muay-thai  
asked by mattsmith5 4 votes
answered by Philip Klöcking 7 votes

Is a dualistic perspective required to grasp nei gong?

I've started reading "Daoist Nei Gong" by Damo Mitchell, but I'm struggling with most of the concepts because I don't share the same metaphysical perspective. What prompted me to read it was ...

tai-chi philosophy internal beginner qi  
asked by Jenny 3 votes

Muay Thai Roundhouse kick: Rotate in stability without friction

I like the Muay Thai kick as its more fluid rotation, faster motion, and more power with hip/legs. One thing compared to Karate and TKD kick, it takes a lot more balance and friction against the ...

tae-kwon-do karate mixed-martial-arts kicking muay-thai  
asked by mattsmith5 2 votes
answered by Futilitarian 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the purposes of martial arts forms?

A lot of martial arts use forms as a part of the training. They are taught and drilled. One benefit, of course, are the applications that you get from them. Small books of self-defense and movements ...

asked by Anon 35 votes
answered by slugster 40 votes

Proper way to take care of boxing gloves and wrist wraps after use?

After heavy usage, boxing gloves and wrist wraps can get build up mildew and other nasties. What should I do the keep my gloves and wraps in good shape?

asked by Alan 12 votes
answered by Nix 8 votes

What exactly is Kalaripayattu?

I have heard a lot about ancient Indian martial arts called Kalaripayattu. Does anyone have info on this? How does it compare to kung fu?

asked by Yogi Yang 007 13 votes
answered by Nav 12 votes

How to get rid of fear of fighting

"How to get rid of fear of fighting". When i get hit i am scared to get beaten more. I am worried about my nose getting break which costs me to lose. But i love the sport.

asked by Anchal 9 votes
answered by slugster 11 votes

Did Karate really originate in the Okinawa region of Japan?

Several Karate instructors I've spoken to indicate that Karate originated in the Okinawa region of Japan. However, when visiting the region and speaking to some of the local Karate students, they ...

history karate okinawa  
asked by blueberryfields 10 votes
answered by Anon 19 votes

What are good questions to ask for a black belt testing?

I am a 4th Degree in American Karate. The dojo I have recently become a part of has a number of Black Belt candidates, and I will be serving on the panel. I don't have much experience attending black ...

karate belt grading  
asked by Dennis Gugin 12 votes
answered by slugster 10 votes

Do ninja follow the bushido?

Until recently I have been told that ninja do not abide to a moral code (in particular, the samurai bushido), and that the definition of a ninja is "a warrior without honor". Is this true? A ninja is ...

asked by michelemarcon 10 votes
answered by Sardathrion - against SE abuse 23 votes
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