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Top new questions this week:

Is there a risk of brain trauma in light sparring Muay Thai?

I'm really interested in training Muay Thai, but I really want to avoid any brain trauma. If I spar only lightly (to the head) once a week, will I be able to train for years while staying healthy as I ...

muay-thai sparring brain-injury  
asked by Stephon Kim 5 votes
answered by user2501323 0 votes

Taekwondo: Is it too late to start TKD at 14 and still become an Olympian?

I’ve done research and a bunch of other people start at around 6 years old. I want to start it and hopefully make it to the Olympics and I’m willing to train every single day by myself. If I start ...

asked by Question 5 votes
answered by Steve Weigand 4 votes

How to test teacher's ability?

The nature of teaching is that the student trusts the teacher to have the skill that the teacher teaches. This is usually proved by the teacher being authenticated, probably by having reputation or a ...

etiquette grading reaction  
asked by Ooker 5 votes
answered by Dungarth 6 votes

When a fighter becomes unconscious in competition, what usually happens to them before they are medically clear to train and fight again?

I am trying to better understand what usually happens from a medical stand point when a fighter (MMA, boxer or otherwise) is rendered unconscious during a bout. Although unrealistic, to simplify ...

injury safety medical-advice  
asked by FrontEnd 4 votes
answered by mattm 3 votes

Better foot technique with daily streching

How effective is it to do daily streching for the legs in order to get a better foot technique for kicking, like in Karate or Taekwondo. Let's say, I am stretching my legs three times a day for about ...

tae-kwon-do karate kicking stretching  
asked by Deni J. 2 votes

Can a fighter with a healing fracture or dislocation get medically cleared to fight?

I understand there are professional fights in which one of the fighters may suffer an injury but they continue to fight on and may even win the fight in the end. However at the same time, there is ...

injury safety medical-advice  
asked by FrontEnd 2 votes
answered by FrontEnd 1 vote

Is there Peace based Martial Arts style dance council and teamwork readily working?

Are there Dance communities intent mostly on fitness within the martial arts spectrum that might be there to join and socialize within peaceful means instead of defense tactics?Are there links to ...

asked by OVESCIMIRACLE 2 votes
answered by Macaco Branco 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Preventing and/or healing sore wrists and elbows in boxing

I'm very much enjoying my boxing lessons and have been going for about 1 month, 2-3 times a week. Recently though, I took about a week off, as I found my wrists and elbows very sore. My wrists were (...

boxing soreness wrists  
asked by Dave 11 votes
answered by Tony D 2 votes

Should I give up my back on purpose so that I can do this throw?

I'm pretty sure the name of this throw is called Ippon Seoi Nage. It looks like this: I would say that it is fairly simple and it was one of the first ones I learned. It happens when someone takes ...

judo brazilian-jiu-jitsu throwing  
asked by LemmyX 9 votes
answered by Philip Klöcking 12 votes

Which martial art uses "knee on neck" to subdue an opponent?

What martial art uses "knee on neck" to subdue an opponent, and where would you find a training partner to let you practice such a deadly move? [Update] This is not a move that I would ever practice. ...

technique self-defense identification  
asked by thatgirlisfunny 3 votes
answered by LemmyX 7 votes

Wearing a fitness tracker during a martial arts session

I have always wondered how to measure the calories expended during a training session (I practice Aikido, but this is a general question regardless of art or style) and I have found little advice on ...

training fitness  
asked by p.marino 18 votes
answered by Rob Gray 9 votes

Is weight training useful in martial arts?

This may sound like a bit of a daft question, but I have heard and read different sides. On the one side, people say weight training will increase your strength and power and therefore will be ...

strength weight-lifting power speed  
asked by Samuel Slade 53 votes
answered by David H. Clements 42 votes

What are the differences between iaido and kendo?

I don't understand the differences between Iaido and Kendo. If I compare any other Japanese martial art, like Karatedo and Judo, the differences are obvious. Why are there two different Japanese ...

kendo iaido  
asked by plmaheu 5 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 12 votes

What submissions are not allowed in competitive Judo?

After watching a number of matches during the Olympics it seemed like a lot of opportunities for submissions weren't even pursued. In the matches I observed I only saw two legitimate submission ...

judo competition olympics submissions  
asked by Jack B Nimble 12 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 13 votes

Can you answer this question?

what are the safety movements/measures when using forearms to attack?

as the title, i want to know the safety movements in using the forearms to attack, especially the one with the forearms weapon like in hung gar, i am not knowledgeable in unarmed fighting but i ...

kung-fu safety wing-chun hung-gar  
asked by Li Jun 2 votes
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