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Top new questions this week:

What is the weight of dipped-foam TKD/Karate sparring gloves? (see photo)

I often see TKD and Karate folks sparring with these types of open-palm glove, made of some sort of plastic-dipped foam that seems common for those styles' equipment. How much do they weigh? (I ...

tae-kwon-do karate boxing equipment protective-equipment  
user avatar asked by ETL Score of 2
user avatar answered by Steve Weigand Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are good solutions for MMA training with half long hair?

I basically always cut my hair right at the moment when they start getting into my eyes when training. Now I want to try and grow my hair to a half long - long hairstyle. There are some solutions I ...

training grappling mixed-martial-arts  
user avatar asked by Bart Burg Score of 10
user avatar answered by Dave Liepmann Score of 9

How is a Kubotan used in self-defense?

Two weeks ago I participated in a seminar at my dojo where a so-called Kubotan or self-defense stick was introduced. I had never heard of that thing before. In two sessions, we got some background ...

self-defense weapons  
user avatar asked by Robert Petermeier Score of 10
user avatar answered by stslavik Score of 12

Where can I go to order cheap grappling mat(s) for beginners?

I tried looking for grappling mats online and they are really pricey, ranging from ~150 to $600 or more. Or for puzzle mats, each square is about $35 and the two sites I went to (one was fighters ...

brazilian-jiu-jitsu grappling  
user avatar asked by daniellopez46 Score of 9
user avatar answered by Rmtel Score of 6

How do I increase my wrist strength for punching?

When I throw a punch, sometimes my wrist doesn't stay straight and I run the risk of spraining it. What kind of exercises can I do to strengthen my wrists so that my wrist isn't going to bend when I ...

exercise technique punching  
user avatar asked by Paul Score of 14
user avatar answered by stslavik Score of 16

What are the long term health consequences of practising judo?

I'm starting to think getting smashed into the ground on a regular basis might not be too good for the body.

judo health  
user avatar asked by deadghost Score of 10
user avatar answered by chobok Score of 11

Getting more comfortable sitting in 正座 (seiza)

We often end up sitting in 正座 (seiza) for some time during class. This is much longer during demonstrations and gradings. In addition, a whole corpus of techniques (suwari waza, ghosin no kata) do ...

training aikido self-training  
user avatar asked by Sardathrion - against SE abuse Score of 20

Are there any benefits to Sitting Seiza?

One characteristic exercises from when I studied Aikido was sitting seiza for periods of time, either for a short while between exercises/while watching or as part of an exercise where, sometimes, a ...

user avatar asked by David H. Clements Score of 13
user avatar answered by BenCole Score of 6
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