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Top new questions this week:

Boxing: how to effectively fix too wide stance?

Short problem descriprion: sometimes while boxing, after some part of round passes, I find myself into a wide stance - with legs wider than shoulders. Of course, it gives some advantages, but I ...

training boxing self-training stance  
asked by user2501323 3 votes
answered by thatgirlisfunny 0 votes

Which martial art uses "knee on neck" to subdue an opponent?

What martial art uses "knee on neck" to subdue an opponent, and where would you find a training partner to let you practice such a deadly move?

technique self-defense identification  
asked by thatgirlisfunny 3 votes
answered by LemmyX 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the highest judo belt really red?

I found a graphic detailing belt colours according to ranks. In there, the last two judo ranks are red and white for 6-8th dan ranks and full red belts for 9 and 10th dan. Is the highest judo belt ...

judo belt  
asked by Louisa 10 votes
answered by Thierry Savard Saucier 17 votes

How to avoid recoiling when someone pushes you?

What parts of the body should be trained? How to be ready for a hard push?

asked by user5402 5 votes
answered by BenCole 5 votes

What's the physics behind checking kicks?

What's the reasoning behind checking kicks? Is it true that it's supposed to hurt the kicker when his kicks are checked? The third law of motion dictates that both the kicker and the checker should ...

technique kicking kickboxing mixed-martial-arts muay-thai  
asked by user33483 11 votes
answered by Dungarth 9 votes

What are the differences between ITF and WTF Tae-Kwondo?

My kids currently train under UKTF, which follows ITF guidelines and techniques. Will this cause problems if they move to a WTF trainer? They aren't quite at black belt yet, so I'm hoping that if they ...

tae-kwon-do style  
asked by Rory Alsop 17 votes
answered by riotburn 13 votes

How do I improve my attack speed?

This question is a little different than a previous question on speed and footwork. Recently my sensei critiqued my sparring, saying my block and counter techniques are pretty strong, but I'm lacking ...

karate sparring speed  
asked by Berin Loritsch 17 votes
answered by David H. Clements 13 votes

Is "choondu marmam" in Kalari Payattu real?

In Kalari Payattu there is something called choondu marmam, which is used to attack the opponent with spiritual power. Is it real?

history kung-fu  
asked by deepu 9 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 17 votes

Did Karate really originate in the Okinawa region of Japan?

Several Karate instructors I've spoken to indicate that Karate originated in the Okinawa region of Japan. However, when visiting the region and speaking to some of the local Karate students, they ...

history karate okinawa  
asked by blueberryfields 10 votes
answered by Anon 19 votes
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