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Top new questions this week:

What are generally non-lethal stab areas on the body?

I am working on a piece of fiction with a knife fight and I would like the action to slowly escalate rather than the first stab ending everything, even though that is most likely in real life. ...

injury knife-fighting  
asked by FrontEnd 3 votes
answered by Philip Klöcking 3 votes

What fighting style is this particular cartoon character utilizing in the television show, "The Boondocks"?

Watching the TV show, The Boondocks, I came across this character by the name of Bushido Brown. Doing a little research on him they state that he is based upon the deceased movie actor and martial ...

technique identification  
asked by יהודה 1 vote

How important is an empty stomach?

It’s well known that having a full stomach, or worse being bloated, can impact coordination, balance, posture, response times, etc... in a wide range of activities. So I’m curious as to how the ...

training safety balance  
asked by MichaelZ 1 vote
answered by Steve Weigand 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What strength and conditioning exercises are used in tai chi?

Nearly all martial arts have some form of supplemental strength and conditioning exercises. Karate has hojo undo, boxing has road work, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has ginastica natural. These can be more ...

strength tai-chi  
asked by Dave Liepmann 12 votes
answered by Wudang 1 vote

Why do boxers huff each time they throw a punch?

As we can see in this video, many boxers join each punch with a sharp exhalation, making a sharp hissing sound. It seems to be more common among heavyweights than it is among smaller fighters. Why ...

boxing breathing  
asked by Wad Cheber 15 votes
answered by cbll 16 votes

Exercises to improve balance when kicking

When performing kicks, I quite often lose my balance, which results in me being positioned in a stance where I'm more exposed to attacks. This is normally due to me trying to raise my leg for the kick,...

exercise kicking strength stretching balance  
asked by Samuel Slade 17 votes
answered by Sean Patrick Floyd 14 votes

Between Kyokushin and Shotokan, which focuses more on hard sparring and less on kata?

I like full contact hard body sparring. I'm not much of a fan of a lot of katas, since I've been through enough of that in TKD. However, I wouldn't mind some kata. I'm also not a fan of karate joint ...

asked by vikash 7 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 7 votes

What are the long term health consequences of practising judo?

I'm starting to think getting smashed into the ground on a regular basis might not be too good for the body.

judo health  
asked by deadghost 11 votes
answered by chobok 12 votes

How to get fit (again) for Judo

So, I've started doing Judo again after 8 years abstinence (I'm 28 now) and I really suck fitness wise and technical wise. Unfortunatly we only have training once a week which is probably not enough ...

exercise judo training self-training  
asked by mt_ 10 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 8 votes

Drills for reducing your natural "flinch" reaction

When going into a longsword bind, or getting hit as part of a Kata, I tend to flinch visibly and shut my eyes. What are some exercises I can do, solo or with a partner, to help me keep my eyes open?

exercise training self-training  
asked by Chris 29 votes
answered by stslavik 37 votes
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