Well, the title pretty much asks it all.

Basically, if you work on a technique of your own, and it does not involve arm or leg locks, or submission tactics,... if it is a basic "throw" or "takedown", are they legal to use in competition, or tournament?

  • Arm locks are legal in judo. I'm not clear what you mean by "submission tactics". Dec 20, 2020 at 7:40

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Judo competition is not graded on the name of the technique you do. It's graded on whether you throw the opponent on their back, pin them, strangle them, put them in an armlock, or break the rules.

So yes, you can use improvised or "unnamed" throws, or non-standard pins and so on, as long as it's not specifically forbidden.

But if you've never trained judo, nor wrestling, nor Brazilian jiu-jitsu or shuai jiao or Bokh, then it's unlikely (but not impossible) that your self-trained technique is as unique or effective as you think it is.


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