What is the effective range of a 9mm semiautomatic pistol?

How does recoil affect time/accuracy of subsequent shots?

Interested in:

  • Range of untrained person
  • Range of average marksman
  • Range of expert marksman
  • Range of world class marksman

Wiki says "The accurate range of pistols generally does not exceed 100 metres (110 yd; 330 ft)"

This seems extremely unlikely to me in regard to the average person, and enthusiasts have suggested the effective range for most.

  • What is the effective range of pistols in reality?

Do magnum loads/long barrels increase the effective range?

  • While guns and gun safety usually relate to martial arts, this question does not seem to ask about application in martial arts. For this reason, I believe it is off-topic – LemmyX Dec 23 '20 at 23:04

The effective range is not defined by the distance the round may travel.

The effective range is defined by the distance you have a fair chance hitting the target with kinetic effect. Having the short barrel and no resting points for your weapon or body, it is hard to point it to the right point to hit.

  • :) So what is the effective range? – Macaco Branco Dec 23 '20 at 15:15
  • 3
    Me: I guess ca. 30 m Police: ca. 30 - 50 m SWAT like police: ca. 50 - 100 m This is nothing scientific. It's just voice of experience. – Bru Dec 25 '20 at 21:03
  • Why is this marked as an answer? Neither of the two (or arguably four) questions is answered. The "range" is largely a feature of the ammunition, not the weapon, or the user, however its "effective" range is a feature of the distance (the ammunition and weapon), and also the accuracy (the weapon and the user). Bru is correct, though. 50m seems like a reasonable average for a seasoned user. – KDM Jan 12 at 17:40

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