I have found a few examples detailing that bobbing and weaving is not as (if at all) effective outside of boxing, in scenarios where especially knees, kicks and elbows are involved. I understand landing an elbow, knee or kick to the head can end a fight but so can a well timed punch, so I am curious what is it about these striking surfaces that make bob and weaving so risky? Also I am curious if there are still situations where this technique can be effective assuming it is used smartly and while being aware of the additional dangers when doing this in an mma, muay thai or street context?

One example I was considering was where an opponent's hand striking is faster and overwhelmingly better than your own, using a bob and weave to bait them into kicking or kneeing to create better opportunities for yourself to counter against and be able to launch your own offensive.

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    Probably not what you're looking for, but bob and weave is fairly common in Capoeira due to various factors such as most kicks being thrown high, that it just looks cool when done well, and because the movement can nicely dovetail into various ground and acrobatic movements (in fact, one of the progressions for learning a non-hands cartwheel involves a "bob and weave" motion to create upwards lateral momentum. – Macaco Branco 2 days ago

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