Striking martial arts are very popular these days, boxing and mma tend to attract a lot of attention by martial arts enthusiasts but should they really be praised like that?

Striking martial arts have as a main goal to knock someone out by continuous strikes to the head, should this be considered an acceptable "sport" these days where others have managed to travel to the moon and make impressive achievements and mma/boxing athletes just beat each other up like animals?

Martial arts like wresting and judo are perfectly acceptable since the goal is to pin you opponent down with the use of grappling, but striking (especially to the head) can cause permanent brain damage, not to mention the countless stitches and tooth replacements one may need after a fight, so what kind of sport is this where the main goal is to injure your opponent?

We are not animals or caveman to find such practices amusing.

One may claim that injuries happen at every sport, but on other sports those are just accidents, injuring your opponent is not the goal of the sport unlike mma and boxing, in football for example, your goal is to kick the ball to your opponents end.

So having said that, why aren't such martial arts banned?

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