If you look at a lot of martial arts they teach many, many different things. How do I create an approach that uses all disciplines? For example, if I were to combine Aikido with MMA with Krav Maga (and on and on and on) how could I do this effectively?

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    What's your end goal for combining them? Self defense? Sport? Demonstration? Assassination? Bodyguarding? Internal self-improvement? As you note, martial arts teach many different things, they do so in very different ways, and they serve very different purposes. Sep 7 at 19:13
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    There’s no generic answer to this. You’ll find if you study multiple arts at a reasonably mid/high level you’re doing it anyway—you’ll respond how the situation warrants regardless of which art your body decides to use, and it might change from second to second. You’ll also find there are only so many ways you can hit/kick/bend/twist/throw/lock and at the physical level there may not be as many differences as it appears on the surface. Sep 7 at 22:15

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