Following this video, I would like to know what is the Apollo Choke? When is it recommended to use this choke? Are there any detailed instructions how to do it? Why is it called the Apollo Choke?

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"Apollo choke" is the 10th Planet term for an arm triangle from bottom half guard:1 2

Apollo Choke
The Apollo choke is an arm triangle done when holding a lockdown half guard.

There are many instructional videos on this position e.g:

As for why it is called this:

The main reason that Bravo began using different Jiu Jitsu terminology was for coaching purposes. Only he and his student know the instructions he’s given during a fight or match.


Why is it called the Apollo? https://www.10thplanetjj.com/techniques/mts-170-samurai-calf-slicer/

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