It can be difficult to gauge whether you are in the 'right' weight category, i.e. whether you should stay around the same weight, try and lose some fat to drop a weight category, or try and gain some muscle mass to move up one.

Is there any information on the average height of competitive judoka in each weight class?

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The following study recorded average height (as well as other body measurements) for a sample of national/international level male Brazilian judoka:

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This study compared the anthropometrical characteristics in judo athletes of different weight categories. The sample was composed by 104 Brazilian male judo athletes of national/international level from all seven official weight categories: extralightweight (-60 kg; n = 16), half-lightweight (-66 kg; n = 12), lightweight (-73 kg; n = 24), half-middleweight (-81 kg; n = 25), middleweight (-90 kg; n = 15), half-heavyweight (-100 kg; n = 7) and heavyweight (+100 kg; n = 5).
The main results of the present study was that: (1) height differed across non subsequent weight categories, except for the difference between -60 kg and -66 kg;

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    Methodologically, the significance levels are a bit low due to the low numbers of subjects per bracket. And there could be a bias due to the people who scout for national/international level in this federation. But interesting to have numbers at all. 👍 Commented May 11, 2022 at 7:08

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