What type of conditioning should I perform after being out sick for 2 weeks? I'm taking a Muay Thai test in one week and going back to classes for Jeet Kun Do and Wing Chun in a few days. I usually Strength and condition 2 days a week and take classes 3 days with one day rest and stretch and Sunday one on one technique drills and cardio.

  • ? is this a martial arts question? or is this a fitness question?
    – MCW
    Nov 9 '12 at 12:29

We got this exact question over at fitness.SE. Essentially you just get back into it a little slower, with a little less intensity (less weight on the bar, running shorter distances, sprinting a little slower). Not much special to it, except crossing your Ts and dotting your Is. Make sure the sickness is really gone and start training carefully.


First of all you should watch out not to get sick again. For me use your 50% of your strenght when going back to train. Your have drained a lot of strength during recovery. Keep a medium pace for your training for a week or two and then gradually increase your training pace.

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