I'd like to locate a diagram or other documentation of the Tensho kata. There are some videos available (many of which are very helpful) but I'd like to obtain a printed description of the form if possible. I understand that the fluid motions of the form makes it difficult to capture this in perfection but I'd like to find something that would serve as a mental hint for teaching and for my own ongoing study of the form.

Prior Research Examples

Here are a few of the sites I've checked as a result of multiple Google searches like "tensho kata diagram":

I've also searched MA.SA for "tensho" with no results.

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  • @Sardathrion, thanks for the link. I did search Google with no success. My error in not searching GI first. This link led to several diagrams/images of Tensho. Submit as an answer and I will accept. Thx.
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    Jun 6, 2013 at 19:48
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The Kyokushin-kan Australia website has this diagram of Tensho:

enter image description here


After having done a little research on Tensho, I'm fairly certain that anything printed will not be useful without a massive amount of knowledge. To that end, I'd rather point you towards Higaonna-sensei's performance of Tensho.

In addition, this video about a two-person drill on Tensho is rather informative as far as what kind of energy/direction you are looking for in the Tensho movements.

This might be helpful in creating notes for teaching.

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    Although these video clips are not the diagrams and text descriptions sought for in the question, I believe these are invaluable resources for anyone studying the Tensho kata. Too bad we do not have video of all the masters and their kata. Love the two-person drill video. Amazing how much knowledge is encapsulated in this form. Thx.
    – Rich C
    Jun 8, 2013 at 21:45
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    Also difficult to document ibuki on paper.
    – Rich C
    Jun 8, 2013 at 21:47

A diagram and written description is in Robert Trias' "Pinnacle of Karate" book, but you'll need to drop some coin on that.

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