In Muay Thai, when an opponent delivers a roundhouse kick to your head, what options are available as a defense or counter measure?

I have seen blocking it with the arm on the side of the head in the path of the kick, blocking with the kick facing arm and a reinforcement from the arm on the opposite side as well, and I have seen the technique of leaning back. Are there any other techniques? Can the leg be grabbed for a possible sweep? Is it advisable to move into the kick instead?

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I'm not sure how "in Muay Thai" fits in; what differentiates a Muay Thai response from any other?

Whether or not it's advisable to move in to the kick depends on many factors; obviously if you're not where the kick was targeted, the impact will be reduced, because physics.

Legs can be grabbed for sweeps, but capturing a leg that's at head height isn't intuitive, since you need to move the leg down before there's any way to capture it, unless you have giant Hulk hands.

Not just leaning back, but moving back is another no-brainer.

If it's a full-force kick you could duck since it'd be tough to chamber anything else to go after your lowered head quickly enough, but obviously that's very timing- and situation-dependent.

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