Looking at the Wikipedia article for Mirko Filipović, his "Mixed martial arts record" is shown as a table with a "Record" column.

How do I interpret this column?

Example #1(without brackets):


Example #2(with brackets):

34–11–2 (1) 

I think it means:

1st Round Points-2nd Round Points-3th Round Points( ? )

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The record is Mirko Filipović's cumulative record as of each fight. It is not a recording of what happened in that particular fight.

The breakdown is: Wins - Losses - Draws (No contests)

Taking your example 2 as a concrete example: 34–11–2 (1)

  • 34 wins
  • 11 losses
  • 2 draws
  • 1 no contest (fight stop by officials without a winner)

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