I'm approaching my 1st Kyu grading for Shorinji Kempo. But I'm having trouble with one of the essay topics.

I know next to nothing about Shorinji Kempo Organizations within Japan yet I'm supposed to write a page long essay on them. The only source book I can find is the Tokuhon. The standard textbook for WSKO kenshi.

The organizations are as follows (straight from the Tokuhon)

  1. World Shorinji Kempo Organisation (this is the bit I belong to so I know about this)

  2. Foundation Shorinji Kempo Federation (like WSKO but japan only I think)

  3. Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji (this is the religious organisation with the buzen monks)

  4. Zenrin Gakuen (a 'school' apparently possibly even something akin to a university, but I have no idea for what age group or what it teaches other than shorinji kempo)

  5. Shorinji Kempo Unity (this is the part that seems largely interested in intellectual property. I know they brought and lost a law suit against the (defect) BSKF in the UK over IP.)

For example if I want to gain a Hokei (Philosophy) rank. Which organisation would this be?

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