What is the difference between A.C.T. (Armed Combat and Tactics) and other Filipino martial arts? What is the emphasis in A.C.T?


They are basically unrelated. A.C.T. is an Israeli style that's a mix of "Kendo and Arnis, sport fencing and Silat, Kenjutsu and Aikido, Systema and Naginata-jutsu, Jo-do and Ninjutsu, Kobudo and Wing Chun, Bagua and Dos Manos, Russian knife systems and 19-th century Saber fighting styles to mention a few" according to their site.

As regards an emphasis, it looks like they have a combination of drills and free-sparring with their main selling point being their simulation system, which they claim allows free-sparring with weapons in a way which is realistic, but avoids injury.

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