If you've seen the movie, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. (If you've streamed the movie, you probably watched the scene more than once;)

I found a GQ article that talks about how they doubled Charlize Theron when they couldn't avoid it, and mentions her stunt double Monique Ganderton, but no mention of the stuntmen she was fighting.

I ask because those two guys can throw, but they're also top notch actors in context. (What I mean here is that they not only make the choreography convincing, they make their characters and immediate reality of those characters convincing.)

"It also helped that Theron was facing off against trained professionals. With two decades of stunt work and choreography under his belt, the director feels an allegiance to stunt performers and also believes deeply that, if it’s their ambition, they can transcend the category and do more on screen. And so, he cast actual stuntmen as the KGB agents in the stairwell, so that the fighting could be more authentic and expertly planned out; this way, he didn’t have to worry about training other actors for some shots and stitching their faces in digitally over stunt performers’ for others."
SOURCE: Inside the Insanely Long, Bloody Hallway Fight in 'Atomic Blonde'

Here the director is praising the work of those two stunt actors, but no mention of their names. IMDB lists the stunt performers, but no photos or mention of specific roles.

Apologies if this is off-topic. Seemed more relevant to Martial Arts than Film stack, because here we're talking about an aspect of the arts and martial artists as opposed to film techniques.

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