Ok I tried to find the 'chess boxing' subforum here and one doesn't exist, but I'm not surprised it's not by any means mainstream. Hopefully there's someone here that is knowledgeable and I'd appreciate it if you could answer this even theoretically.

I have 2 questions

1) Do I even have the skills necessary to think about competing?

2) If I do how would I get into it?

To expand on 1) I'm quite heavyset, I'm over 250 lbs easily and would definitely be competing at heavyweight. I could possibly get my weight down to 200 but I'd be throwing knockout punches, I'm far more of a slugger/brawler than a technical boxer unfortunately. I have very little experience in pure boxing but train muay thai a few times a week. It should also be noted that I'm not that young early 30s and there are many many people that are far better at boxing than I am. In fact I just do some sparring at my gym that's about my level NEVER have I stepped in a ring or actually competed.

As far as chess skills go, I LOVE chess I'm about 1400 FIDE and used to be a member of various chess clubs (university and high school) but by no means would I consider myself an expert and 1600 level which if the chess boxing websites are to be believed is the minimum rating to compete. I have competed in MANY chess tournaments but by no means would I consider myself the 1600 level FIDE that is listed which imo is someone that has extensive experience with openings and theory and is very talented.

Would I even have a chance as a very big dude with a knockout punch that loves chess but is by no means an expert in boxing nor chess?


Working off of the information here, it looks like the two gateway requirements are a minimum of 50 boxing club fights and a minimum ELO rating of 800-1200 (possibly contradicting that, these rules state a minimum rating of 1800). Honestly, based upon the higher rating I found online, and a possible requirement for having actually competed, you may not be qualified. On the other hand, World Chess Boxing Association rules do not have a minimum rating, so you may be able to compete with them, although their last listed "upcoming event" was in 2018.

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    Just as a reference - an ELO rating of 800-1200 is very entry level (White belt to mid colored belt range). 800 really means you know about how the pieces move. 1200 you have a basic idea of tactics/strategies and maybe the first couple moves of a few openings. 1800 is getting into decently high territory, you have a good grasp of a lot of tactics/strategies, know quite a few openings at a high level and have several openings at a very deep level (2-4th degree black belt range). – JohnP Aug 13 '19 at 12:40

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