I'm particularly interested in which forms (hyung?) are taught, and for which ranks they are required. I've clicked through most (but not all) of the schools listed on the UFAF page. Half of the links are dead, the other half are just full of poor web design without much in the way of helpful information.

I'd assume a largely TSD-based syllabus, but the various pages about Chuck Norris suggest that he's incorporated techniques and "wisdom" from many other martial arts (particularly Okinawan and Japanese originated styles, but also BJJ and several others besides). I have no idea if this would include forms as well.

I'm starting to wonder if the syllabus itself is guarded with NDAs and legal documents. Other websites for more mainstream styles regularly include various charts and other information to let Suzy Soccermon know just what's needed for Timmy to get his belt.

Anyone have any insight on this paticular style/system?

PS I don't have enough rep points to create relevant tags for this.

  • Do you want to know which forms are required at each belt? One-steps? Individual techniques? Oct 15 '19 at 2:34
  • 1
    I want to know the names of forms (kata, not one-steps or techniques) and at what ranks (gup/dan more than belt colors) they are required.
    – John O
    Oct 15 '19 at 2:56

This information may be out-of-date, as I completed my training around 1996 or so, but as of the last time I trained:

  • Kam Sah (white belt)
  • Giecho Hyung Il Bu (yellow Belt)
  • Giecho Hyung Il Bu Sang Gup (yellow belt stripe)
  • Giecho Hyung Yi Bu (orange belt)
  • Giecho Hyung Yi Bu Sang Gup
  • Giecho Hyung Sahm Bu (purple belt)
  • Pyong An Cho Dan (green belt)
  • Pyong An Yi Dan
  • Pyong An Sahm Dan (brown belt)
  • Pyong An Sa Dan
  • Pyong An Oh Dan (brown belt stripe)
  • UFAF Form 1 (red belt) - This is split into Part 1 and Part 2 currently
  • UFAF Form 2 (red belt stripe) - Formerly UFAF Form 3
  • Bassai (black belt)

This gibes with other sources online, which state that the Chuck Norris System adheres to the American Tang Soo Do forms except for the UFAF forms. I sent a query out to my old school to see what might have changed, and the head instructor said that the form names are correct except that UFAF 1 and UFAF 2 were merged and UFAF 3 became UFAF 2 (honestly, I had only remembered there being the two, as well as an AFAF form that I can't find online). I also asked him how the forms map to belts, as I have a sneaking suspicion I've misplaced a few. Kong Sang Koon, Jion, and a UFAF Bo Staff form also show up on lists, but I don't remember us ever doing them.

I also remember learning two weapons forms, although they were not required for testing (and in fact, I'm having difficulty tracking them down based on my limited memory of them). There was a nunchaku kata named something like "Nida Buda Ichi" and a bo-staff kata named something like "Mohammed Basta Isso" (and those names sound more wrong in writing them out, but such is memory from over two decades ago).

  • Thank you so much. Could you please put a year to this as well? It'd be helpful to have an approximate timeframe.
    – John O
    Oct 15 '19 at 14:45
  • @JohnO: Done. And added some small clarification from my instructor. Oct 15 '19 at 16:53
  • Thank you very much. I appreciate the effort you've went to.
    – John O
    Oct 15 '19 at 17:06
  • @JohnO No worries. It's actually kind of fun casting my memory to way back when. :) Oct 15 '19 at 17:27

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