I was looking for a martial arts move that uses most of your body energy to knock down your enemy or even break a wall with it; I have heard that if you use only a few muscles of your body to attack, you use less energy therefore less force, but if you use almost all of your muscles in one move you will be able to generate much more force.

Is there any move that engages almost all of your muscles to generate the most force?

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    As per fitness.stackexchange.com/questions/41070/…, engaging all of your muscles would result in you locking up since they operate in opposition. Kind of like how having 100% of your brain active is essentially a really horrible seizure... – Sean Duggan Oct 18 at 21:00
  • @Sean Duggan edited the question. – Zheer Oct 18 at 21:03
  • Ditto Sean Duggan's comment. Look up antagonistic muscle response. There are few muscles that actually are involved in the motion itself. The rest are there to stabilize your skeletal system. Your spine is flexible and has many joints (vertebrae), so you need "core" muscles around your torso to stabilize it, for example. If you don't do that, the force of the push will not be supported. Look into power lifting and Olympic lifts to work on full body explosive strength. Lots of other exercises as well, like sled, truck tires, giant rope, bungee cords, etc. – Steve Weigand Oct 18 at 21:25
  • Aside from my slightly snarky comment above, I think one also has the answer that most martial arts moves try to use as many muscles of the human body at once. Even the bog-standard reverse punch involves using the muscles of the legs, torso, and arms to drive the punch forward. Ditto with the kicks. – Sean Duggan Oct 26 at 13:51

You're probably looking for a certain move in Capoeira. It's a Roundhouse Kick from sitting position. I'll try to describe it, but I'll link you a video as well. You start in a position with 1 foot on the ground, your other leg stretch leaning on the heel. The side of the leg that is stretched has your hand on the ground next to your body. From there you push your body up with the foot that's on the ground and rotate, leaning on your hand, kick your leg towards the side.


This move has proven to be the most powerful kick by 2 Martial Arts Science researchers. It uses your entire kinetic energy to perform a kick, resulting in a lot of power and not only a hard impact, but also a hard pushthrough.

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    I saw a video where this kick lost to a Taekwondo kick. – Alaychem Oct 22 at 7:39
  • Yes, the Taekwon Do kick produced the most power, but the ratio of power to velocity was a lot higher in Capoeira. Which can mean a couple of things. The Taekwon Do fighter was most likely physically fitter, but Capoeira's kick was a lot more effective, because it uses the entire kinetic energy. It also had a more centered impact which leads to a lot more damage done even at less force applied. – Sjana Oct 23 at 12:13

Craig Pumphrey's brick breaking ram technique is very impressive, and definitely utilize many muscles to create impact.
Also, it can be used to break a wall.

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