My new gi trousers have sides with splits to allow the person to get in and out easily. I am too thin for this gi but I have to use it as I am very tall. is it ok to sew these sides up so that my gi does not fall off or should I just search for a new gi?

Also, for any people with good domestic sewing skills, what is the best stitch and thread for sewing patches onto my gi, as the material is too thick for my usual needle and thread or sewing machine.

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    Do your pants also have the drawstrings? Those don't work well enough to leave the pants as is?
    – mattm
    Mar 16, 2020 at 17:55

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Sewing machines won't work for sewing patches on your gi. I use a straight running stitch (basting) starting with the knot coming through the back of the material. That way, your thread stays inside the outer ridge of the patch.

basting stitch example

Or you can use the overlap stitch (overcast) to keep the patch from curling and pulling away from your gi when you wash it.

You can use both basting and overcast stitches to make sure the patch stays secure. overcast stitch example

You'll need a thick needle and thick thread. Or you could take it to a seamstress and have her do it for you. That can get expensive though.

As far as your trousers falling down, that is a common occurrence for all practitioners wearing a gi.

Once you have your trousers on, pull the drawstrings at the sides FIRST. Then tie a double knot with a bow.

Here's a 37 second video deomonstrating how a thin man ties his trousers to make sure they stay up.


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