In this video, a bully throws a punch at a student. They go out of frame for a second, and when they come back the bully has wrapped an arm around the student's head as if he were going for a guillotine choke (a.k.a. front headlock). The student throws the bully using the arm wrapped around his neck. I want to learn how to do this throw, but I don't know what it's called. What is its name, and what art is it most likely from?

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It's a suplex (ura-nage in judo terminology). Since standing headlocks are illegal in judo, it is rarely taught from this position, but here is an example of a mechanically similar belly-to-belly version from a bear-hug:

enter image description here

Note a front headlock/standing guillotine is generally a very weak position to be in, and while this counter is occasionally seen in MMA matches, the person performing the front headlock will in most cases be the one controlling any takedowns e.g:


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