According to Wikipedia, in (some rulesets of) the Indian grappling sport Pehlwani, one can win with locks and submissions. However, English language resources on the techniques of Pehlwani are very limited.

What submissions are allowed/taught in Pehlwani?


Yes, both strangles and joint-locks are traditional techniques in various schools of Indian wrestling.

However, in some schools there are restrictions on their use and they may only be employed as compliance techniques to manipulate the opponent into a pin (as in collegiate wrestling), as opposed to submitting outright (like in judo, bjj):

We find four principle schools of Wrestling viz:-

  1. Hanumanti ,
  2. Jambuwanti,
  3. Jarasandhi and
  4. Bhimseni.

The holds referred to in this volume belong to the last school. The feature of the branch concerned in this book is the entire absence of the old 'fury' element as its code strictly prohibits foul holds, butting, picking, strangling, bone-breaking and deliberate attempts to disable an opponent (when a fall could under no circumstances be secured.)

Nonetheless the above volume details several strangle and joint-lock techniques:

enter image description here enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here enter image description here
Rear naked choke Rear Naked choke Omoplata Triangle

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