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Which martial arts styles work best with social distancing?

Yesterday, I saw a woman and a young boy sporting their TKD gear, shopping after class. I wondered what their school was doing to meet social distancing guidelines. Wear a mask? Probably, not. Stand ...
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What is the best way to compensate for lack of training partners when training at home?

We can get instruction from online videos and can practice forms and basic strikes easily enough. Partners for pair work are hard to substitute though. Partners for grappling even more so. What ...
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Best way to get started in martial arts without classes or instructors? [duplicate]

Of course classes/instructors would be best, but without resources like those, what's the best way I can get started? For example, are there any resources or training guides that can teach how to ...
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What are some supplimental training techniques which improve the practice of martial arts?

I'd like to find some specific physical training exercises to directly benefit my practice of martial arts (both unarmed and weapon). For example, I recently discovered weighted Indian clubs and ...
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Starting off in HEMA without joining a club

I'm looking to learn longsword and sword and buckler, but unfortunately there are no clubs near me. My partner trained sabre when he was younger, but recalls none of the details, so at best I have a ...
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How do I train the basics of martial conditioning and strength? [duplicate]

I'm lacking a sparring partner, and there are no dojos where I live. I have no access to anyone with particular martial arts knowledge locally, and my equipment comes down to the floor, a bar, and a ...
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Best Martial Arts For Home Training

I live in the countryside and must train alone. What is the best martial art for me to practice? I can devote 1 hour of training everyday. I can make a basic training gym (the one you see in old ...
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Is it possible to learn martial arts only by myself? [duplicate]

I have great interest in martial arts, especially in judo technique. I really want to learn it but there is no such training institute . Is it possible to learn it from book and video lectures or some ...
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Is it possible to learn kick boxing without punching bag?

I'm currently going to a gym where one trainer knows kick boxing. I told him that i want to learn. He told me that he will teach me without punching bag and that he also learned without them. That ...
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Solo martial art learning

I would really like to practice a martial art. However, because of financial problems, where I live (far from anywhere big), and work commitments, I cannot afford the time and expense of going to a ...
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BJJ- Gym training that is beneficial (specific to BJJ)?

Just got my first stripe on my white belt today! I am looking to supplement my bjj training with weights approx 2x a week. I am already quite experienced in the gym as I have weight trained ...
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How should one physically prepare for BJJ?

Often I'm out of training because of a lack of schools around where I'm living. But when I can, I train Brazilian jiujitsu. During those times of no combat sports training, what kind of strength, ...
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Exercises for strengthening arms, wrists and fingers with the intent of sword use

In a previous question I asked whether it is better to start out with a light weapon, and then move on to a heavier one. I got the answer that yes, it's better to start with a lighter one and ...
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Can I be bulky and fast at the same time?

Is it true that bulky people can't be fast like Bruce Lee or flexible like "Superfoot" Wallace or tall like the great Khalil? I want to be big, fast, and able to fight all at the same time.
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Is there value in using weighted clothing in martial arts training?

Is there any research/evidence that would indicate that training (drills, katas, etc rather than sparring) for martial arts more broadly (striking arts like TKD, Karate and Muay Thai more specifically)...
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