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Karate doesn't provide defense against wrestlers and MMA fighters. Or does it?

Let's say it out loud: karate doesn't provide defense against wrestlers and MMA fighters. Or does it? I heard the old-school karate (Okinawan karate) includes grappling and such, but I never saw any ...
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Why do people use the horse stance? Won't it expose you to groin shots?

If you are doing the horse stance, doesn't it just expose you to groin kicks? Also, if you want to block the groin kick, you could lift your knee and block it but the horse stance makes it slower as ...
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Is there any practical purpose of kata?

I expected Japanese karatekas to kick everybody's asses at the Olympics and rake in all the medals. But in reality, the Japanese excelled at kata but pretty much sucked at kumite (only one bronze). ...
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Starting position in Shotokan's Tekki Shodan

According to this video, Tekki Shodan starts from a guard position pronounced "kamai". I'm not sure what the actual spelling is, but a google search shows that "kamae" means ...
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What do Chinese Kung Fu Instructors Look for in a Good Display?

When I look at a Japanese martial art I can tell the proficiency level of an individual by looking for clean movements that look the same each time they are performed. I can also look out for 'focus ...
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The sixth step in ITF TKD's Do-San form

In the various listings I can find online, this move is described as "spear hand". But as I've seen it taught, it also involves moving the left hand downward with the palm facing the ground before the ...
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Final punches in Shotokan's Jion kata: Straight punch or hammer fist?

The final two punches in Jion are described as straight punches out to the side. With very little exception, however, videos show people doing a cross between a straight punch and a hammer. Some ...
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Age and Restrictions, Learning Karate

I have been a fan of martial arts since I was a kid. I begged my father when I was a teen to register me into a martial art school, like Aikido, but he never actually did it. I was frustrated, and ...
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How to benefit from sparring that is a very poor match for my training?

I've been studying Shaolin Kempo for a while now. In the dojo, we train a wide variety of hand-based strikes: various punches, shuto strikes (aka "karate chops"), hammer fist, tiger claw, grabs, palm ...
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Why do we teach unrealistic bunkai?

When we teach basic bunkai we often show impractical techniques and unrealistic situations for example blocking a mae geri by turning into the kick and using gedan barai. This is obviously not ...
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Styles of Karate

I have a black belt in WTF Taekwondo and some training in Kalaripayattu. However, the first martial art I was exposed to was Shotokan Karate. I reached the yellow belt and then had to discontinue for ...
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Taekwondo technique similar to "Kamehameha"?

I was told that one of the Dan-level Kukkiwon poomsaes include a movement similar to the Kamehameha we see in the Dragonball cartoons. Is this true? If so, what would be the application for this ...
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Adapting from karate to jiu-jitsu

Background information: I will start university in September and I want to continue practicing martial arts. I've been doing shotokan karate for 8 years now and I have a black belt exam in December. ...
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Aikido seiza: Why is the left toe placed over the right toe?

A student asked the Aikido master the reason behind keeping the left toe over the right toe when sitting, and he told her "I honestly don't know". He later said that one reason might be because of how ...
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Name and meaning of stance where you stand with fists on hips?

After the first Kiai in Heian Sandan (source): Bring left foot to the right, pivot left 180 degrees on the right foot, informal-attention stance (slowly), bring fists to hips, elbows to the ...
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