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Questions tagged [attack]

The act of aggressing, of performing a threatening action which is not in response to another action.

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Can I tell from how a person breathes that they just started an attack?

Can I tell from a person’s breathing the split second right before their attack that they are starting an attacking move? How do I tell?
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What is the natural position that a person normally falls in a violent encounter?

In any case that I or anyone else should be engaged in a violent encounter by any man in general, should he fall, what position would he most likely fall and what position would he naturally be when ...
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2 answers

How dangerous can an untrained knife assailant be?

I used to think that an untrained person couldn't do much with a knife against someone who's stronger than him, but recently I heard about the case which Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times ...
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Why is it called Truck Attack?

Why is this attack called Truck Attack/Position in BJJ?
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Is there a move that engages almost all muscles in the body to be able to attack with the most energy?

I was looking for a martial arts move that uses most of your body energy to knock down your enemy or even break a wall with it; I have heard that if you use only a few muscles of your body to attack, ...
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Does a person with a rugged look and bold voice not fail in a fight? [closed]

Does a person with a rugged look and bold voice not fail in a fight?
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2 answers

How can I improve my defense speed?

I have been a Shito Ryu karate student for seven years now. I would like to know if there is a way to make my defences faster than they are now.
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Martial Arts wannabe accosting and threating neighbor who simply complains over parking issue [closed]

I have a neighbor who proclaims and is reputed to be a martial arts practitioner. This individual has a habit of parking his commercial truck so that it protrudes into my driveway. Being fed up over ...
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3 answers

What is the liability issuewith personal defense classes? [closed]

My personal defense teacher said that there were a total of three other personal defense classes for different types of people. Yet each person is only allowed to take ONE?! He said this means we won'...
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It makes sense to develop explosive forward movement? [closed]

I was wondering if an explosive forward movement can help in self defense to counter-attack an opponent, or to simply get to him before he surprises you with a weapon, or before he can even use the ...
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Where can I find statistics on attack modalities?

I'm not sure that the terms I'm using are standard, or that I'm explaining them well. Comments and feedback are welcome. Let me try to explain my terms, explain my assumption and then ask a question. ...
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