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Questions tagged [awareness]

The ability to detect or perceive environmental changes and potential dangers.

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3 answers

Can I tell from how a person breathes that they just started an attack?

Can I tell from a person’s breathing the split second right before their attack that they are starting an attacking move? How do I tell?
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How should I use my eyes for situational awareness or while defending myself?

How do I train myself to be aware of potential threats, or when the threat occurs, to be able to notice when additional threats arise, like the attacker’s gang or his/her friends?
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1 answer

a relaxed and calm feeling after an intense practice?

okay so here how it goes: I did some punching and kicking practice. after that I took a shower and after that I suddenly felt a little different I was very clam and relaxed full of awareness. I felt ...
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9 answers

How do I keep a safe distance from potential threats without escalating the situation?

How do I maintain martial awareness of a person's movement and intent when that person is physically very close (conversation distance, or passing on the street) to me? The situation could be a ...
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7 answers

How to train to avoid target fixation?

One problem I've seen in myself and others at various stages of training is a tendency to become fixated on a particular target or technique when fighting. The tendency to focus on only a handful of ...
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13 answers

When should I run away?

What are the criteria I need to evaluate in order to conclude that I should run away? Sometimes the right answer is to walk away, sometimes it is to give them your wallet... When is it time to leg it?...
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