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Bagua zhang (八卦掌), literally "eight trigram palm", is normally classified as one of the Chinese internal martial arts. It combines striking and throwing techniques and is distinctive for its circle walking training methods.

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Types of neck throws?

Are there throws in Judo or other grappling styles that involve gripping (encircling) the neck to make the throw, and, if so, how dangerous are they? (Alternately, are they impractical, unlikely, easy ...
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What is the purpose of Baguazhang deerhorn knife having some of its blade protruding/pointing inside?

Won’t it hit/stab the wielder if knocked/pushed in? i know potentially it can be a handguard/armguard protection but so far as i see, most of this also sharpened or very pointy. (correct me if iam ...
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Baguazhang in India? [closed]

I'm a girl, age 14, intent on learning Bagua, an ancient internal Taoist martial art which originates from China. Funny that I got inspired to this from a game (cough*tekken 3*cough), but I think that ...
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China leader's bodyguards: From bagua to baji?

I have heard that in China, the emperor's bodyguards used to be Baguazhang practitioners. I do not have source to back this up, but Wikipedia at least hints at it: Because of his work as a servant ...
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What is Grandmaster Park Bok Nam's Bagua lineage?

We know that Master Park studied Tang Soo Do when he was younger, and then transferred to Bagua, and only studied Bagua under one teacher, Lu Shui Tian. Blue Dragon Kung Fu's website explains the ...
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