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Balance allows a person to maintain position and act. Disrupting balance is a primary method of reducing an opponent's available strength and ability to act.

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What does it mean to keep your opponent "off-balance" in martial arts?

I have tried looking in every dictionary I could think of, but off-balanced simply means "losing ones balance." This is not an English Language Question, because the english definitions I ...
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How important is an empty stomach?

It’s well known that having a full stomach, or worse being bloated, can impact coordination, balance, posture, response times, etc... in a wide range of activities. So I’m curious as to how the ...
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Can flat feet hinder my performance in martial arts?

I have a mild case of flat feet (like, I reckon, 1 on the picture below). I'm also often kind of awkward in my movements when performing high kicks and occasionally have balance issues (I don't fall ...
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Would women with large breasts be able to fight?

Soo... I don't have a big chest. But all the girls I've known with them complain about this or that pain :-/. It's normal to see ladies with remarkable structure going kung-fu crazy and being totally ...
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What causes stiff body while kicking? (Lack of flexibility or balance)

I have been doing roundhouse kicks for some time on my own. But recently my sensei told me that my body was getting stiff during this. I think my flexibility is ok. But its not perfect yet. However ...
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2 answers

Should pole standing (zhan zhuang) be on front or back of the foot?

When pole standing, should my weight be balanced more on my heel (where I feel it works my thigh muscles), or the ball of my foot (where it seems to work more my lower leg)?
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4 answers

Leaning out of axis

First, a bit of background. I've been training kungfu for nearly a decade now. During all these years, I had the nagging feeling something essential was missing. Shifu sometimes told me to follow tai ...
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What does it mean to be rooted, and how is being rooted different from being balanced?

Being balanced means that your center of mass is supported by your body's structure. How is being rooted different from being balanced?
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3 answers

Problems hip throwing a larger opponent

I am practicing Japanese Jujitsu, I am currently purple white stripe belt. Physically I am about 75kgs, and about 5ft 7-8. My problem is when I hip throw (Ogoshi) my regular uke, probably a few kgs ...
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2 answers

How do I make my ginga more stable?

As noted in one of my earlier questions, I'm trying to get back into Capoeira. I'm trying to practice for 20 minutes or so each day, just going through the movements on my own in an empty room (the ...
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6 answers

How to train for improved balance?

My senseis have told me that I lack balance while demonstrating kicking techniques and Katas. I'm looking for advice on how to train to improve my balance, for example are there any good drills I can ...
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How can I improve my "bananeira" (hand-stand / walk head-down)?

This is a very common capoeira movement and I've seen similar things in some kung-fu styles. I can do it for a couple of seconds (or 2,3 steps) for about two years now, but never managed to go past ...
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5 answers

How do I improve landing on my center line after a back kick?

Yes, I have read the other kick balance thread but I've tried the wall side kick, repeating slowly many many times, and the other drills but my balance issues don't arrive until I'm recovering from a ...
18 votes
8 answers

Exercises to improve balance when kicking

When performing kicks, I quite often lose my balance, which results in me being positioned in a stance where I'm more exposed to attacks. This is normally due to me trying to raise my leg for the kick,...