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Questions tagged [bokken]

A bokken is a wooden sword used for training, especially in aikido and MuGai Ryu.

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Why drop the bokken vertical prior to a downstroke?

My sword teachers raise the sword to above the head, just short of horizontal before beginning a cut. I've noticed that other instructors (e.g. Breeland Sensei, at approx: 1:31, and I will try to ...
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Bokken and Jo Kata book

When I did Aikido, several years ago, my teacher knew a lot of bokken and jo katas and other three or four combinations moves (small kata) for bokken and jo that I don't know how to call. The number ...
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Why do different shapes of bokken exist?

Bokken are supposed to mimic/represent a katana for training purpose. There are suburi bokken which are heavier than normal to train muscles and develop power. But why are there different shapes of '...
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What is the name of the maker of this bokken?

I'd like to know the name of the maker of this bokken, which I purchased in France some years ago: To make it easier to read the characters, I have traced them (correctly this time):
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Aikido locks/throws while wearing ken in the obi

In some Aikido styles (I have seen this only from people who trained with Tamura, like Suga sensei, but maybe other schools do the same) there is a whole series of techniques where Tori slips the ken ...
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Is there a US-based organization supporting Iaijutsu?

I've trained with a bokken for many years, mostly though instruction by students in various arts and David Lowry's text. I'm at a point in my life where I would like to formalize my knowledge and ...
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Suburito - practicing indoors

I have a suburito but have recently discovered that I don't have the ceiling height to practice much indoors. For instance, an overhead strike is quite unfeasible. Area of study Mostly Iaido ...
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