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Use for concussions, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), or other forms of brain damage.

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Is there a risk of brain trauma in light sparring Muay Thai?

I'm really interested in training Muay Thai, but I really want to avoid any brain trauma. If I spar only lightly (to the head) once a week, will I be able to train for years while staying healthy as I ...
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Risk of head injuries or cognitive impairment from training BJJ?

I recently started training BJJ and after certain classes I've felt light-headed, mentally slow and will sometimes even have a headache. These symptoms can sometimes span a couple of days. This led me ...
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How can you take steps to decrease risk of brain damage during Thai sparring?

For example I'd much rather take a kick to the leg than to the head, or even to the body. Is there a way I can incorporate this into my style to minimize risk of damaging head shots?
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Possible explanations for contradictory facts on headgear and brain damage?

We have two scientifically proven facts that seem to contradict: Amateur bouts (where they wear headgear) have fewer knockouts than professional bouts (where they don't wear headgear) Amateur bouts ...
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Reducing brain damage in sparring

I love sparring but really worried about CTE from repeated head strikes and been thinking a lot about how to reduce risk. I am trying to just lightly tag partners with head strikes. This is working ...
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Scientific evidence that punches to the head is harmful in boxing? (Even with protective gear)

Does anyone know if there's any scientific evidence of this? I couldn't find any, but found lots of claims. I wanted to know specifically if protective gear (gloves and headgear) was enough to not get ...
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Dementia Pugilistica and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: How to know when to call it quits?

Really... how do you know when to call it quits? How to recognize in someone else that they should see a doctor and consider the rest of their life before something bad happens? Is there a set ...
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Concussion in light sparring

I have been doing muay thaï for 4 years. Once per week we do sparring as a part of the training. The sparring is relatively light, the goal is not to knockout the partner, not even to cause injury ...
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Any conditioning exercise that can prevent concussion caused by a punch or kick to the head or neck?

I have noticed that during kick boxing every time I receive a punch or kick on the head or even neck I tend to go into concussion. I initially suspected it to be vertigo but it seems more like ...
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Is the way US military academies teach boxing atypical with respect to concussions?

The New York Times published a story about concussions from boxing at US military academies, where apparently boxing is a required course for all male students. For more than a century, boxing for ...
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Does practising judo increase the likelihood of sustaining a brain injury?

Judo is a sport which involves throws. Most throws in shiai are not very clean. In Judo, the uke (throw receiver) may land head first. I am concerned that such head first landings may potentially ...
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Risk of brain damage in casual/moderate Muay Thai sparring

I have been training Muay Thai for about a year now, and am concerned about the risks I'm taking with regards to brain damage. I spar about once a week, and I really don't get hit that often or hard ...
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Which will result in more brain damage, being a heavy weight or lightweight boxer?

I have a thought provoking question (I think!) that I'll pose. I'm not sure if there is a definitive answer. As you know, boxers can suffer long term brain injury from repeated concussions. Is ...
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If I'm worried about concussions, should I train tae kwon do, or karate, or neither?

I am 16 years old, and I am interested in martial arts. The most popular schools in India teach Tae Kwon Do and Karate. I wish to avoid something that may cause severe brain damage or concussion. I ...
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How bad is kickboxing for your brain?

I'm not asking for medical advice, I'm just asking this out of sheer curiosity: To me it seems that kickboxing is the best kind of workout I could get, nothing else gets me in shape quite as quickly ...
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