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Through breathing, the human body absorbs oxygen from the air to produce energy. Use for questions about breathing training or practices.

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How do you train concepts for breath work during an actual fight for self-defense?

What can you tell me about breath work for times of self-defense? How would I prepare and train for a sudden ambush? There are current concepts I could call technology except it is in the form of ...
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Ip Man Wing Chun book didn't cover deep breathing

It seems the Ip Man syllabus removed deep breathing for Siu Lim Tao part 1. Anyone has idea why the part is removed? (Google Books link) From this blog entry: This video shows the Ving Tsun (wing ...
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Why is exhalation so strongly associated with striking in martial arts?

Is exhalation strongly associated with striking, or is this just a perception? If it is the default for striking, what physiological principles make it optimal during strikes? If this is a general ...
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If yelling is so good, why MMA fighters don't yell often

In our class, the benefits of yelling/shouting, i.e. Kihap, in sparring are sometimes pointed out. If yelling is so beneficial, why MMA fighters don't yell often? Or do they?
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When is the best time to kihap while executing a strike?

When I took Kuk Sool Won trial classes, we learned how to "correctly kihap" when kicking/striking. According to the instructor the best time is the instant before your hand/foot hits the ...
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Breath reducing while training - is it effective? [duplicate]

Recently, I've seen a short story on TV about training with mask - to reduce breath. There was a guy, punching the bag for rounds, with mask on his face. Mask looked like this. I said OK, and ...
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Cheng Man-Ch'ing advises that breath should be: Fine, Long, Calm, and Slow. What does this mean?

In Master Cheng's New Method of Taichi Ch'uan Self-Cultivation Master Cheng states: "The four secret words for proper breathing are: fine, long, calm, and slow." Please help to correct my ...
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How is it helpful during training, to hold ones breath after intense warm-up?

In Kalaripayattu, students begin their warm-up routine by running for some time. While they are still panting for breath, they are then asked to stand in line and hold their breath for 10 seconds. ...
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Kiai, the Hara and Dantian (etymology and philosophy)

I'm trying to figure out what, precisely, Kiai means. I've done some reading, and am aware that the Kiai is supposed to come from the Hara, or Dantian - the stomach area. Literally Kiai, means 'join ...
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When doing qi'gong form of four-square breathing, does one visualize the microcosmic orbit or something else?

There is a basic qi'gong form which goes with four-square breathing. Practitioners will recognize it: standing with feet shoulder width apart, hands held out front; on inhale hands are raised from ~...
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Nasal dilators in martial arts

I have issues with my nasal breathing; I had an operation, which didn't work. I have been experimenting with nasal dilators for running and cycling and find them to be quite helpful. https://www....
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What body factors limit the number of punches in a combo?

What limits the number of quick punches a boxer is able to throw in a combo (eg. a 1-2-1-2... or 1-2-3-2... combo)? Is it related to breathing and cardiovascular ability, muscular strength, weight or ...
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Why do boxers huff each time they throw a punch?

As we can see in this video, many boxers join each punch with a sharp exhalation, making a sharp hissing sound. It seems to be more common among heavyweights than it is among smaller fighters. Why ...
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Is chi kung just deep breathing?

Chi kung is supposed to be at the core of our style, but we don't cover it very much in class, for various genuine reasons. From what I gather, it is largely just controlled, deep breathing, from the ...
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Should I follow the class or instructor's breathing rate during Tai Chi breathing exercises?

I'm new to this forum, and new to Tai chi (and martial arts in general). I started last week and have had 2 classes so far, having my third one today. I would like some advice on how to breathe ...
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how to use o2 mask to training martial arts

Recently I have seen the number of people using O2 masks for training increase a lot. Many of than just use the mask and do the same traditional training as before. I don't believe this is the way to ...
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Continuously exhaling while attacking or blocking

I had conversation with one of the advanced students in our dojo and he strongly suggested when I'm blocking (being uke) I should take one deep breath before I attack the nage and as soon as I have ...
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Yang tai chi breathing (when to inhale/exhale)

I'm doing a Tai Chi class and am pretty much a novice at it, so I also youtube'd around and read a lot. I'm now confused about breathing. My class teacher (old guy, but aren't they all?) says for the ...
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Learning breathing while meditating

Recenlty I had sit down with my sensei and he was explaining to me how to meditate in seiza. The only thing I'm unclear on is how should I compress the air into my center while breading in. He said ...
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Avoiding breath lockups

I am beginner at aikido and when I train, for some reason I tend to hold my breath when I should be exhaling. Mostly during falls and techniques where I'm nage. Is there a way to get rid of this bad ...
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Explaining how to breathe deeply

One of the things we emphasize heavily in my Hapkido group is breathing. It tends to flow with your motion and be very deep in nature. We also have deep breathing exercises along these lines (...
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Which kind of breath provides the most striking power?

Power is defined exactly like in the wiki article, and the units are also as in the wiki article: The dimension of power is energy divided by time. Breathing is largely composed, as far as my ...
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Why do martial artists "shout" in the execution of a technique?

When I see people doing forms, competing, or breaking blocks of concrete or wood with their hands, they are always vocally expressive in what they are about to do. What names does this "shouting" have ...
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